• Through the integrated processes, the products are put into process as soon as possible, the serial production in demanded amounts are provided and delivered responsively to your demands for shipping.
  • In compliance with the management system of the production that supports our “From one up to thousand” approach, all parts in various numbers between one and thousands are carried out with the same flexibility.
  • Your demands are supplied at the same time and all in one-house and the results are supported with the added value, productivity and disposals.
  • Our all processes are defined according to the lean production,which is based on the superior quality, promt delivery and total low cost.
  • The customer representatives private to you, themselves bring your all matters to best solutions.
  • The castings of the parts weighing from 10 gr up to 350 kg, are carried out with sand, die and gravity casting methods.
  • The independent and integrated casting process is performed.
  • Gravity castings are supplied both on the moulds particular to Sirvanlı and on the tilding system machines.
  • The sand casting service is run through common techniques as well as on the semi-automotic press,
  • All processes are followed periodically and full-timely and the analyses are done in the laboratuaries.
  • The all hot&cold moulds, used in production process,  are suppied within our own body.
  • In 9 different ovens, varied alloys are provided at the same time and their casting is carried out under the trained staff’s control.
  • In the aluminium die casting section, it is aimed to give best service by using the presses of one with 150 tons and 750 tons, two with 400 tons.
  • In Sirvanlı, one can meet with the production capacity of 850 tons/per a month in one shift .
  • Through 12 CNC Machines and the universal lines, we present machining capability  with 0,01 mm precision
  • 10 CNC Machines provide service as 3-axis and also 2 CNC Machines as 4- axis
  • As Sirvanli, we have the machining limits up to 2000*760*800 sized units.
  • All fixtures and aparatus used during machining are supplied in our own facility.
  • The controls are performed with FARO Meausiring device, 7 x-rayed axis.
  • Our flexible choices of fixing and bench methods, enable to supply products in various numbers changing from one to thousands.
  • Griding process is carried out by our know-how handcrafted staffs and the machine park provides the surface quality in different grades. 
  • It is possible to get the changing surface quality of outer surface on sand-blasting machines to which differently sized gears can be appied and enables to use pressure in changible levels.
Welding / Assembly
  • Casting parts can be bonded through the argon, gass, and oxy-acetolene methods, as well as, mounting process can be carried out with CDK Components and module parts can be mounted
  • The mounted parts  are tested and made ready to use directly.
  • Helicoil assembly, control and test are provided as quickly.
  • Through the know-how over 20 years of impermeability parts production, water pressure tests from 0,1 up to 15atm can be carried out in the differently sized chambers.
  • With its capability of 400 current impermeability parts production, Sirvanli has become the largest facility of its kinds in Turkey that produce impermeability casting parts.
Heat Treatment
  • Through heat treatment process, it is possible to get T4, T5, T6 hardness values. For the different values apart from these, we find solutions to your requirements with our strong sub-suppliers.
  • Our technical staffs that have the ability of fastest-designing in Turkey put the new products into process.
  • Sirvanlı’s collaborative project management unit runs your projects with caution as a member of your team and offers the most competitve solutions to the customers.
  • Our engineering services are designed CAD programs including all formats and supported through the high-technology simulation.
  • With the moulds that are formed up to the simulation results, the good production is practiced in one and thereby, in accordance with the aimed project.
  • With our skilled designing team’s supports, each designer performs all process including designing, simulaton, CAM and production especially by itself.
Gravity Casting Mould and Wooden Model Production
  • Our adventure of  the wooden model production started in 1980. Today, with our experience, gained over the years, we meet all needs of our customers by providing the service of wooden model production in our own foundry.
  • After accepting the offer, the first pattern is carried out in one week in our own patternshop. Thereby, we meet your urgent needs promptly and provide low-cost solutions for your prototypes
  • As Sirvanlı, we have the best patternshop which gives service in the fastest way in Turkey. Through our experience, since1994, we tolerate any delay occured in the side of the customer and also complete the project in the defined time.
  • We make good investments in the technology, our staff and machineries, thereby, as a team we are getting faster and faster day by day and give service through our capability of the first pattern production within the lead time for 3 weeks.
  • According to our customer’s requirements and demanded amounts, all packing, wrapping and shipping precesses  are carried out.
  • We run the processes including all between the order confirmation and order delivery by sharing concurrently its states  with our customers.
  • Our all logistic processes are followed in keeping with our customers’ EDI systems.
  • Our all deliveries are followed with ERP system and the percentages of the deliveries are reported.
  • External transports are organized as Exwork and FOB.