The Engineering Services

  • Our skilled engineering team carry out the designings with CAD programs including all formats and they support the production process integratedly with the customer.
  • It will be enough a drawing, 3D model or any 3D data of your idea to form it. Our designers will generate  a 3D model tailored to your needs in a short time period.
  • We also offer designing  of other tools and fixtures that are used in machining and then provide them in our molding shop.
The Simulation
  • Before the moulding process, the simulation of the mould is performed with the high technology softwares. Up  to the simulation results, the mould production is carried out in one and thereby in the best and fastest way.
  • If any change is needed, before being applied, it is simulated and all possible risks are shared with the customer.
The Reverse Engineering
  • To increase the customer satisfaction and provide the best solutions, we provide the reverse engineering service with the FARO machinery- 7 laser axis.
The project management
  • The project team, able to solve any problem, carries out the project management by working integratedly with the customer.
  • APQP process is followed by the software, synchronised with all mobile devices and  through internet.
  • Our project management progresses in accordance with our power of the software that provides to work integratedly with the customers’ softwares
  • We complete the projects in the planned time and in the fastest way compared to all our competitors.