Quality Management System
  • Our quality management system permits to meet of the standarts changing up to our customer’s sector and needs.
  • During each process of the production, as Sirvanlı, we show an aprroach in accordance with ISO9001, ISO16949 and ISO14001 standarts, next to protect the environment and give particular importance to work safety.
Aluminium Alloys
  • The spektral analyses of our ovens that have the capability of casting diffferent alloys in the same time, are constantly performed.
  • Periodically, the alloy’s including gas are measured and the results are provided to be in defined limits.
  • All our processes are followed, documented and all results of these processes, are automatically assigned to each batch and improved for our quality assurance.
AlSi12 EN AC-44200 A-S 13 LM6
AlSi10Cu EN AC-43200 A-S 9 G ---
AlSi10Mg EN AC-43000 A-S 10 G LM9
AlSi7Mg EN AC-42100 A-S 6 G 0,3 LM25
AlSi9Mg EN AC-43300 A-S10 G LM9
AlZn10Si8Mg EN AC-71000 A-Z 5 GF ---
The Laboratory
  • The casting porosities, seams and segregations, which are occured after casting process, are detected by the non-destructive test methods.
  • The analyses of mechanic properties are performed by the particular mechanic tests
  • Micro structure is controlled and analyzed.
  • Sirvanli opportunites allow also to carry out the penetran test up to our customer’s demand.
The Environment and Safety
  • Sirvanlı cares for the environment as well as customer satisfaction  and a proof of that is the Environmental Management System according to ISO 14001. It is our main activity to do our part to make our World more liveable.
  • We make our staff known to the importance of safety and instruct them to be aware of new and constant improvements in our process carried out according to required work safety. Sirvanlı permits also the staff  to share their experiences with each other .